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Turkey Speech Homework

I don’t know if you are anything like me, but I love finding TONS of resources in one spot with a similar theme. It is so much easier to plan accordingly for my caseload. Do you need fall speech and language activities for your caseload?

I decided to gather up links to LOTS of fun fall speech and language activities to share with all of you because it makes planning for therapy so much easier!

Fall Speech And Language Activities

All of these resources are organized by target area or category.  You can click on the links below to take you directly to the resource.

Open Ended Reinforcer Activities

Build A Scarecrow FREEBIE Game
SQUIRREL Thematic Open Ended Games for Speech Therapy Centers
High Tech Turkeys: An Open Ended QR Code Game for Speech Therapy
Fantastic Football FREE Open Ended Worksheets for Reinforcementc
Fall Themed Open Ended Board Games (all ages)
Turkey Tidbits Reinforcer Game
Super Turkey Open Ended FREEBIE

Speech Therapy Fall Reinforcement Pages Grades Prek-5th

Articulation Therapy Activities

Oh Nuts! s-blend FREEBIE activity
Color Me Autumn r-blends
NO PRINT Interactive Holiday Articulation
Falling Leaves Apraxia Activities for Prek-1st grade
I’m Thankful for SH, CH, TH, J, S, Z, R and L
I’m Thankful For TH FREEBIE
Fall Speech Club Bundle for l, r, s, sh, th
Super Speech Turkey k,g,f
Interactive Fall Fun s-blends, too! Grades Prek-2nd

Turkey Time Quick Drill for Articulation or Fluency Therapy
Speech Therapy FREE Fall Word Searches for Articulation

Language Therapy Activities

Count Your Blessing: Thanksgiving Themed Figurative Language Activities for 4th-8th grade

Thanksgiving Paragraph Comprehension for 4th-8th grades
Thanksgiving and Harvest Vocabulary BINGO FREEBIE
I’m A Nut- A Squirrel Gathering LANGUAGE Companion Game
Barrier Language Games for Fall Seasons
Thanksgiving Same and Different Comparing & Contrasting Then and Now
NO PRINT Interactive Language Packet with Holiday Themed Animals for 5th-9th grades
Fall Differentiated Question Scenes
Nonfiction Texts with English Language Arts-Fall Edition for K-5th grades
Fall Differentiated Figurative Language FREEBIE for 2nd-8th grades
Interactive Vocabulary Books- Thanksgiving Prek-1st grade
Fall Graphic Organizers for SLP’s Grades 2nd-12th
Interactive Thanksgiving Fun: Then and Now Grades Prek-1st
Fall Into Language Fun Pack CC Aligned Grades K-3rd
Lots of Language Fall Edition FREEBIE Grades Prek-4th
Falling Leaves Prepositions FREEBIE Grades Prek-2nd
Main Ideas and Supporting Details: A Feast of Turkey Topics for Thanksgiving FREEBIE Grades 4th-9th
A Cornucoia of Tier 2 Vocabulary Grades 5th-9th
Thanksgiving Attributes Game: Compare/Contrast with Cariboo Option Grades prek-2nd
Pumpkin Patch Match: Fall Vocabulary Match Up FREEBIE Grades K-5th
Thanksgiving Language Activity for Speech and Language Grades K-5th
Bundle Fall Into Language Grades Prek-6th
Mini Speech Club: Fall Edition Grades Prek-1st
Thanksgiving Comprehension Book Bundle Grades Prek-2nd
A Cornucopia of Language Grades K-3rd
Thankful For Glyphs: Thanksgiving Themed Language Glyphs Grades K-3rd
Thankful for Thanksgiving Semantics Pack Grades 2nd-9th
Fall Vocabulary Lotto I Spy Games for Grades K and 1st
FREEBIE Hoot Owl Homonyms Multiple Meaning Words Grades 1st-4th
Tureky Categories FREEBIE Grades Prek-1st
Thanksgiving Following Directions Grades Prek-1st
Scarecrows Next to Sunflowers Grades Prek-1st

Thanksgiving Responding to Nonfiction Text Grades 3-8th

Grammar Activities

Apple Pickin’ Parts of Speech K-3rd grade
Fall Grammar & Vocabulary Pack Prek-2nd grade
Thanskgiving Turkey Prepositions for Speech Therapy
Fall Irregular Verbs and Plurals Activity Grades 2nd-5th
Thanksgiving Sentence Completion Book Grades Prek-1st
Fall Sentence Completion Book Grades Prek-1st
Speech Therapy Pronouns and Prepositions for Thanksgiving Grades Prek-1st
Speech Therapy Pronouns & Prepositions for Fall/Autumn Grades Prek-1st

Book Companions Packs

Turkey Trouble Speech & Language Companion from Speech Language Pirates
Autumn Apples Speech and Language Pack and Mini Book Companions from Queen’s Speech
Twas’ The Nigh Before Thanksgiving Book Companion
Turkey Trouble Book Companion Packet from Whitney SLP
A Plump and Perky Turkey Book Companion Grades K-6th

Social Skills Packs

Thanksgiving Pramatics Holiday Social Skills for Speech Therapy k-6th grades
FREE Roll A Topic with a Fall Theme Grades Prek-2nd

Bundled activities for speech and language goals

Little Turkey’s Fine Feast Digital ebook Activities for Prek-Elementary
Autumn No Prep Print N’ Go pack for K-4th grades
Fall People Sentences to work on Subjective Pronouns
The History of Thanksgiving Comprehension Packet
Fall Speech and Language Therapy Homework BUNDLE Grades K-7th
Fall Into Speech adn Language Pack Grades 1st-6th
Thanksgiving Five Little Turkeys Flipbook, Phono Awareness, Artic, and Prepositions Grades Prek-1st
Cinquains Speech Therapy Vocabulary, Synonyms, Adjectives and Verbs Grades 1st-4th
Falling Into Fantastic Speech- Speech and Language Activities for Fall/Autumn Grades 1st-6th

Fall Themed Speech and Language packet for grades 1st-6th
Autumn Worksheet Homework Pack BUNDLE Grades 1st-4th
Thanksgiving Fun Pack for Speech & Language Therapy Grades Prek-5th


Turkey Craftivitiy
A Plate Full of Thanksgiving FREEBIE craftivity
Thanksgiving Language Craftivity FREEBIE
Fall Trees for Speech FREEBIE craftivity
Fall Craftivity & Worksheets grades Prek-8th
Apple Trees Sensory Craftivity Grades Prek-5th
Shaving Cream Leaves Craftivity Grades Prek-6th
I am Thankful for Fall FREEBIE Grades Prek-5th
Thanksgiving Craftivity and Worksheets Grades Prek-8th

Falling Leaves Craftivity Freebie
Apple Craft FREEBIE
Scare Craft and Writing Templates Grades Prek-1st

Well there you have it!  I hope this helps inspire you and your students this month. Please post pics on instagram or facebook of your therapy items in use!

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Over the weekend I shared my Pragmatics, Language and Grammar packets for Thanksgiving. I’m hoping this will give you (and ME!) plenty of time to get everything printed and laminated before November. Today I’m sharing my Thanksgiving Articulation packet. The download  is 67 pages in length and includes articulation game for the sounds R, S, S blends, and TH. I started with a variety of clipart games, but realized my mixed groups couldn’t all play the same game! So you’re looking at my revised Thanksgiving Articulation games. This game is for your readers, so the target sounds are later developing (and my most commonly targeted!) I also included blank turkey cards in case you need to make another sound.  The pack includes 189 /r/ and /r/ blends, 81 /th/ cards, 126 /s/ blends, and  108 /s/ cards. That’s a total of 504 game cards!  Each game comes with a title page (this is what I place on the outside of my ziplock storage bags!) The sound cards each have turkeys on them. This /r/ set includes vocalic r, prevocalic r and r blends. While you play, watch out for the Turkey Trot! If you draw a run away turkey card, all your other turkeys follow and you need to start over! You can find the download in my TPT Store. Let me know what you think!

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