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Itunes Coursework Meaning

iTunes U is a dedicated section of Apple's iTunes Music Store that features educational audio and video files from universities, museums and public media organizations for free download to PCs and mobile devices.  iTunes U allows a visitor to search, download and play educational content in the same way that they can manipulate songs, podcasts, television shows and movies. Participating institutions include Stanford, UC Berkeley, University of Melbourne, Texas A&M, MIT, Yale, Trinity College Dublin and many more. The Beyond Campus section of  iTunes U also delivers programming from American Public Media, PBS, the Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian. 

To use the service, a user is required to download and install iTunes on an Internet-connected PC and then visit the iTunes Store.  The user may also visit the relevant subdomain of a participating university, like From there, her or she can go directly to the institution's homepage on iTunes U. The visitor can then select entire courses or choose individual video or audio recordings, ebooks or PDFs. The material can then either be watched directly on the PC or synchronized onto a portable media player for mobile learning. Educators can use the service to upload coursework and lectures for easy distribution on a platform that students are generally already competent navigating.

In the year since its introduction, iTunes U has logged over 4 million downloads, though Apple will not release precise statistics to anyone other than participating universities and organizations. The introduction of a wireless version of the iTunes Store for iPhones and iPod Touches means that students can now download coursework on-demand directly from connected mobile devices. This ability to access coursework wirelessly will further redefine paradigms for virtual classrooms and distributed online learning.

Critics point out that only large, well-funded institutions like Stanford, Berkeley or MIT can afford to digitize courseware for distribution on a large scale. The courses available also have spotty coverage across the various curricula, depending upon how active instructors have been in making content available. The quality of the courses available are also largely dependent on the preparation and training of individual teachers, especially in creating video for small iPod screens or capturing live discussions for syndication.

Learn more about IT: 

>The iTunes U homepage is at

Jeffrey Selingo asked whether iTunes U is right for you in the Washington Post.

Language Lessons

  • Arabic Elementary Course - Free iTunes Video - Lund University
  • Arabic for Beginners 1 - Free Online Video - Darlarna University
  • Ancient Greek - Free Online Video - Brandeis/Harvard
  • Ancient Languages (Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Old English, etc) - Free Web Site - UT-Austin Linguistics Research Center
  • Basic German - Free Application - Cambridge University
  • Beginner's Chinese - Free iTunes Audio - Open University
  • Chinese Course - Seton Hall
  • Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation - Free iTunes Audio - Emory University
  • Chinese Basic - Free Application - Cambridge University
  • Dialogue for German Learners: Beginner's Level - iTunes - The University of South Wales
  • Francais interactif - Free iTunes Audio - Free Video & Audio - University of Texas
  • Elementary French 1 - Free Web Course - Carnegie Mellon
  • Elementary French 2 - Free Web Course - Carnegie Mellon
  • French in ActionFree Online Video -  Yale University
  • French 1 & French 2 - Free Web Course - Carnegie Mellon
  • Icelandic Online - Web Site - University of Iceland
  • Intermediate Chinese - Free Application - Cambridge University
  • Introduction to Ancient Greek - Free Online Course - Brandeis/Harvard
  • Introduction to Urdu Alphabet - Free iTunes Audio - Emory University
  • Introduction to Homeric Greek - Free Online Video - Center for Hellenic Studies (Harvard)
  • Japanese Kana - Hiragana - Free iTunes Video - Emory
  • Kanji Characters - Free iTunes Video - Emory University
  • Mandarin Chinese Characters - Free iTunes Video - Emory University
  • Numbers and Radicals - Free iTunes Video - Emory University
  • Online Intermediate College Korean - Free Online Audio - University of California Press, 2002
  • Pathway to Korean: Beginning Spoken Korean from Zero - Web Site - The Ohio State University
  • Russian Essentials - Free Application - Cambridge University
  • Russian for Beginners 1 - Free Online Video - Dalarna University
  • Spanish 1 - Free iTunes iOS Course - David Nance, Arkansas
  • Spanish 2 - Free iTunes iOS Course - David Nance, Arkansas
  • Spanish 3 - Free iTunes iOS Course - David Nance, Arkansas
  • Speak Italian with Your Mouth Full - Free Online Video & Course Info - Free Online Video - Free iTunes Video - MIT, Dr. Paola Rebusco
  • Thai Alphabet - Free iTunes Video - Emory University

To start learning 40 foreign languages, please see our extensive collection called Learn Languages for Free. You can download or stream free lessons in French, Spanish, English, German, Mandarin, Italian and more.

Law Courses

  • A Law Student's Toolkit - Free Online Video - Ian Ayres, Yale
  • Climate Change: Law and Policy - Free Online Video- Multiple faculty, UC Berkeley
  • CopyrightX - Free Online Video - Course Info - Prof. William Fisher, Harvard Law School
  • Environmental Justice and Human Rights in the Aftermath of Katrina - Free Online Audio - Cynthia Toms Smedley, Notre Dame
  • Environmental Law and Policy - Free Online Video - Bob Infelise, UC Berkeley
  • Environmental Politics and Law - Free Online Video - Free iTunes Video - Free iTunes Audio - Course Materials - John P. Wargo, Yale
  • Freedom of Speech and the Press - Free Online Video - Free iTunes Video - William Turner, UC Berkeley
  • International Environmental Law - Free Online Video - Free iTunes Video - Free iTunes Audio - Cymie Payne, UC Berkeley
  • Introduction to Copyright Law - Free iTunes Video - Free Online Video - Free Online Video & Course Info - Keith Winstein, MIT
  • Labor Law and Employment Discrimination - Free Online Video - Greggory Groves, Missouri State
  • Law and Economics I - Free iTunes Audio - Robert Cooter, UC Berkeley
  • Law and Justice - Free iTunesU iOS App - Kyle Harper, University of Oklahoma
  • Law and Legal Thought in the 21st Century - Free Online Video - Roberto Mangabeira Unger, Harvard
  • Media Law & Ethics - Free iTunes iOS App - Nicole Kraft, Ohio State
  • Philosophy of Law (Syllabus) - Free iTunes Audio - C. Surprenant, University of New Orleans
  • Politics and Media Freedom - Free Online Video - Richard Barbrook, University of Westminster
  • Progressive Alternatives: Institutional Reconstruction Today - Free Online Video - Roberto Mangabeira Unger, Harvard
  • Renewable Energy & Alternative Fuels (Law & Policy) - Free Online Video - Steven Weissman, UC Berkeley
  • Self, Serenity, and Vulnerability - Free Online Video - Roberto Mangabeira Unger, Harvard
  • Theories of Law and Society - Free Online Audio - Free iTunes Audio - David Lieberman, UC Berkeley
  • Video Game Law - Free Online Video - Jon Festinger, University of British Columbia/Centre for Digital Media

Literature Courses

  • American Literature I: Beginnings to Civil War - Free iTunes Video - Free Online Video - Cyrus Patell, NYU
  • American Passages: A Literary Survey - Free Online Video - Multiple profs, Annenberg Learner
  • Approaching Shakespeare - Free iTunes Audio - Free Online Audio - Emma Smith, Oxford
  • British and American Poetry: 1900 to the Present - Free Online Audio - Charles Altieri, UC Berkeley
  • Chaucer - iTunes Audio - Princeton, John Fleming
  • Cervantes' Don Quixote - Free Online Video + Course Info - Roberto González Echevarría, Yale
  • Contemporary Literature - Free Online Video - Free Video Download - Aysha Iqbal Viswamohan, IIT Madras
  • Creative Reading - Free Online Audio - William S. Burroughs, Naropa University
  • Creative Writing: A Master Class - Free iTunes Video - Alison Ersheid
  • Cultural Studies - Free Online Video - Free Video Download - Liza Das, IIT Guwahati
  • Dante in Translation - Free Online Course - Giuseppe Mazzotta, Yale