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Mass Communication Term Paper

Contemporary Mass Communication Topics for a Research Paper

Mass communications explores concepts and trends facing mass media markets. Students seeking ideas should be open to something of interest with a twist. You may start off considering common ideas such as advertising or broadcasting. Yet, in current society your content needs a unique focus that is different and unusual. You need to consider going outside of the box to find good topics. Your final option may come from brainstorming and process of elimination. Students can get inspired to come up with their own ideas with the following list of possible mass communications research paper topics.

  • Broadcasting. How has high definition television changed the way people view and receive information versus the old black and white television sets? If television is a great way to get others to learn about something new, why are more people watching less of it? How has radio changed in the last few decades; why does one frequency seem to promote or carry more news information than another? Has the quality of radio and television gone down over the years and why?
  • Internet. How does the internet impact news the way it happens in real time? Do more people use their mobile devices to access internet for news purposes? How do developing countries with limited funding make internet available to the less fortunate? How has internet helped businesses and companies make more money? How have shoppers able to save/spend more thanks to the internet?
  • Newspapers. Do people still read newspapers? Do people like to read digital versions better than the paper version? What happened to newspapers when the internet made it easier for people to get news and information? Can newspapers be more beneficial than social networking sites?
  • Advertising. What are common techniques people use to help promote products and services to large audiences? How does culture affect one’s ability to advertise something to the masses? How does one company advertise a product to different parts of the world?
  • Violence and tragedies and how they are communicated to the masses. Should television stations show in real time what happens when violent events unfold? What effect does such content leave on children or those with mental conditions?
  • Politics. How does television, radio and internet made a difference in how people vote for candidates? Can effects of mass communication help or hurt global economy?

The mass media in the XXI century is a modern and vibrant study subject. Students can find plenty of relevant data, determine unexpected tendencies and raise urgent issues. When a professor asks students to choose a research paper topic related to modern mass communication, they can focus their study in several areas:

  • Advertisements
  • It is impossible to imagine mass communication industry without advertising. Companies and individuals create unexpended strategies, master useful techniques and promote different cultures. Everything mentioned above can become your research topic. For example, how people sell products and services without words? Does it really matter what celebrity is a face of your company? If you are interested in global advertising, it is interesting to study cultural differences and their impact on advertising strategies that companies use in various countries.

  • Telecast
  • Telecast refers to a television broadcast. Technologies are developing rapidly, but in some countries, people still do not have access to high-resolution cable television. The role of women on TV is also very different and discrimination often takes place, for instance in Arabic countries. However, one can find remarkable anchorwomen who are more popular than their male colleagues.

  • Radio
  • Today radio loses its popularity in developed counties, because of the expansion of the Internet, but it is an essential source of news for millions of people all around the globe. Research topics may include a radio content quality decline problem, popular radio talk shows, advertising features, etc.

  • Magazines
  • Everyone knows about the Time Magazine, the Smithsonian, the Martha Stewart Living, and the Cosmopolitan. These publications are well known worldwide and demonstrate unique approaches of their editors and authors. They are personalities who make a difference and their stories are interesting to study.

  • Newspapers
  • It is surprising that some newspapers have been influential for decades. Businesspersons and politicians from different continents start their day with the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. The history of the most popular newspapers is exciting with remarkable ups and downs and many lessons to learn.

  • Internet
  • The importance of the Internet in a modern world is hard to overestimate. The ideas can spread in seconds and online mass media companies often are the first to come up with the newest information. Many magazines, newspapers and TV channels provide content online. How does it work out for the major players? What do customers think about the changes of the format? There are even more questions to ask and many great answers to get.

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