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Telephone Essay In English

The telephone is the wonderful invention. It is used to communicate with friends and families. We have written essays on a telephone for children and students. Choose anyone essay according to your requirement.

10 Lines Essay on Telephone:

1. The telephone is the most fantastic invention of science.
2. It was invented by the great scientist “Alexander Graham Bell”.
3. People use it in offices, companies, hotels, post office, airports, etc.
4. We can communicate with relatives and friends by it.
5. In every phone, it has its number.
6. It has a speaker and a microphone.
7. It has a dialling pad which shows numbers.
8. Before dial any phone number we have to know the area or city code.
9. It saves time and money.
10.  It is so much useful to the humankind.

Essay on Telephone  (100 words)

The telephone is a product of modern science. It was invented by Graham Bell. These days telephones have become quite common in the towns and cities of India. The telephone we find in houses, offices, shops, schools, colleges and hospitals are known as private phones. While the telephones we see on the railway platforms, in post offices, in bus centres and airports are called public phones, as these can be used by all the members of the public. Every phone has its number. At once the connection is made, and we can talk with the person. It is of great benefit to humanity. Through it, we can get news from distant places within second of their happening. There is a great saving of time and money in this way.

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Advantages of Telephone


 Disadvantages of Telephone

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Rang up the phone in my drawing room. Anxiously I picked up the receiver and gladly. I learnt that it was a call from my brother who was coming from Amritsar by Air and after a stopover of an hour at Delhi, he had to resume his journey for U.K.

What a marvelous thing the telephone is ! In the shortest possible time I got the information and I availed the opportunity of meeting my brother at the aerodrome.

It is simply a personal instance. But millions of people the world over make use of the phone and are highly benefited by it. How?

A fire, unfortunately, breaks out or a house collapses in your neighborhood. You just ring up a particular number and in no time the fire brigade is there. At once the rescues operations start. Timely help saves the loss of both life and property.

You are in the school and your father has gone to his office.
some one in house meets with an accident or is seriously taken ill. The telephone is at you beck and call. Immediately the information may be sent to you and to your father. The doctor may also be sent for without and loss of time. A telephone may thus, do the needful single handed any efficiently, too: where even half a dozen persons may fail some time.

You have to go somewhere by train. The time left at your dixsposal is very short. But you need not worry. Just dial the required number and the taxi is at your door and the next moment you are at the station. You have already got your berth reserved onphone. How comfortable does a telephone prove to be!

It mayf be a matter of making appointment or taking appointment with persons you wish to meet the telephone is entirely at your disposal. It wills ave you from the disappointment of not meeting them at home or in the office at a particular time. What an amazing regularity and punctuality does the telephone bring in your life!

Hundred and one are the pieces of information that you have to gather every day. It may be an enquiry about the arrival of a trai or the departure of plant the telephone would do it for you. What a great saving of time and labor does a telephone provide you!

You are enjoying your meals in the dining room and the telephone bell begins to ring. You leave your meals in the middle and attend the phone. But it turns out to be a wrong number. You put down the receiver with a bang and return to the table. How disgusting it is!

Hardly a day goes by when someone or the other does not call upon you with a request for using your phone, If you deny you are termed most discourteous. If you charge, you are deemed inconsiderate. If you entertain free, you pay for others.

What a fun it is! those who haven’t got a phone are desirous of having it. Those whom already posses it, desire to be free from it.

It is rather difficult to decide whether it is a blessing or a nuisance.

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